With no software to install or hardware to maintain, you'll be up and running—and seeing a positive impact on your business—quickly.

The LERG Cloud is divided into four areas:


Visualize your data


All of the data in one search
  • LERG License Required

    LERG Cloud is not an alternative to licensing the LERG data; LERG Cloud is a better way to utilize your data. You must have a current LERG License from inconectiv (formerly Telcordia® / TRA) to use LERG Cloud.
  • Lighting Fast

    Need to find every occurrence of a CLLI in LERG 7 SHA? We do it in less than a second. Search the 29 (yes, twenty nine!) Switch CLLI fields from start to finish in less than the time it takes to blink twice.
  • Maps

    It's easier to see your data than search. Maps highlight your service areas and how equipment and resources are concentrated.
  • Enhanced

    All of the data you need in one place. No more searching multiple tables or writing MS Access reports to get needed data.
  • Classic

    We call it "classic", but there is nothing old-fashioned about LERG Cloud. All of the LERG data is organized by table; LERG 1, LERG 6, LERG 7 SHA, etc. (aka the way it is classically organized)
  • Download / Upload

    Download and distribute the LERG CD within your organization. The Upload area allows for easy verification

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